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Newborn Shopping List With Pictures for Baby

Newborn Shopping List With Pictures for Baby On A Budget

Going to be a new mom? Congratulations to you! A baby is an inspiration, but with motherhood comes a lot of responsibilities. Your little one depends on you for everything, and you have to provide all its necessities. Having a baby can be expensive. It’s best practice to prepare yourself with the basic things that your baby will need, and we have made a newborn baby shopping list with pictures for you so you can easily decide on what to get first!

Feeding shopping list for newborn

  • Baby bottle

Baby bottle

A lot of feeding bottles of different brands, materials, and purposes are available on the market. Standard bottles are the easiest to operate and the most readily available ones. They are also the cheapest ones. You can try out your options from anti-colic bottles, self-sterilizing bottles, disposable bottles, etc. too. Anti-colic bottles keep your baby from swallowing air, whereas self-sterilizing bottles don’t need a sterilizer. Disposable bottles are great for travel! Buy a bottle according to your baby’s needs!

  • Nursing pads

Nursing pads

Nursing pads are necessary if you are breastfeeding to help your clothes stay dry and clean from breast milk. When you are lactating it sometimes leaks on your clothes without a warning or an announcement so it might cause embarrassing situations or stained and soaked clothes. Nursing pads save you from such predicaments. So it’s a must on your shopping list!

  • Sterilizer


You don’t always need a sterilizer, maybe before using the baby bottle for the first time. But sterilizing more often couldn’t hurt. A sterilizer is not an alternative for cleaning but sure does add extra protection against germs! You should sterilize their bottles and other feeding equipment regularly until they are at least 12 months old or else they are at risk of infection.

  • Formula


If you are not nursing, you have to move to baby formulas. They are available as a powdered mixture or an instant, ready-to-feed liquid solution. Baby formula is basically cow’s milk fortified with all the necessary nutrients required for a baby of nursing age. Especially if you’re a working mom and are not able to breastfeed your baby regularly, baby formula can come to your rescue!

  • Milk storage bags

Milk storage bags for newborn

Disposable storage bags have to be thrown away after one use. The most convenient thing about one-time storage bags is that they are already sterile and don’t need to be cleaned so it’s very safe for the baby. But silicone storage bags can be sterilized and reused. Milk storage bags are made of biodegradable or environment-friendly ingredients and they don’t take much space in your everyday-use handbag!

  • Breast pumps

Breast pumps

There are electric breast pumps on the market, but you can also go for a battery-operated or manual option. Breast pumps are really helpful for working moms who can’t be around their babies all the time so they don’t get the time and opportunity to nurse their babies. If you’re a career mom and you prefer nursing over formula then you will need a breast pump to collect breast milk for feeding your baby in your absence.

Clothing item list for a newborn baby with pictures

  • Socks

Socks for newborn baby
Your baby has sensitive feet, and it’s essential to keep them warm and protected. Especially if it’s time for winter, cotton socks can be the best option as there are fewer chances of irritation than other fabrics. Any sort of organic fabric is a better choice for your baby than synthetic fabrics. So stock up on cute cotton socks to keep your baby protected!

  • Hats and mitts

Hats and mitts for newborn

Newborn babies are not supposed to have hair on their heads, so they can get cold or catch pneumonia if their heads are not covered with something warm and comfortable. Their tiny little palms should be covered in a protective layer too!

  • Sleeping gowns

Your little one will need sleeper gowns for obvious reasons. It’s best to buy a few cotton sleepsuits with comfortable buttons or ribbons to keep your baby warm and comfy at night. As we have mentioned earlier, cotton is the best fabric option for babies so emphasize cotton while buying sleeping clothes for the baby.

  • Baby top and pants

Your baby will obviously need clothes, so you should buy an adequate amount of baby top and baby pants, preferably made of cotton fabric, because you wouldn’t want to risk having heat rashes or allergic reactions on your baby.

  • Onesies

Onesies are a necessity for babies, so you’re going to need a lot of them. However, as mentioned before, cotton can be the safest bet as the baby might be allergic to synthetic fiber in fabrics. You can get some really cute onesies or bodysuits at the link below!

  • Swaddle cloth

Swaddling makes your baby feel safe and keeps the body temperature of the baby in check. It is good practice to wrap your baby in a soft piece of blanket loosely and breathable so it can move its legs a bit and doesn’t get too hot.

Best Gear shopping list for newborn baby 

  • Infant car seat

Infant car seat

For the sake of the safety and protection of your baby in a motor vehicle, you must get an infant car seat. An infant car seat provides a huge percentage of added security for your baby during a car crash. It ensures that your baby stays comfortable and protected while traveling. Just make sure your baby doesn’t fall asleep in the car seat as it can be hazardous to their breathing.

Gears for older babies

These gears are for babies aged 6 months and older. But as you are buying all this stuff for your newborn you can buy these gears too because you are going to need them in a few months anyway.

  • Baby stroller

Baby stroller for newborn

Babies under the age of 6 months can’t use baby strollers. It’s because they have a soft and fragile spine and their backs can’t adjust to the stroller and might get damaged. But after maturing for 6 months, a stroller is one of the most necessary baby items and it’s perfect for the baby. A stroller will help you move with the baby and take the baby outside so you don’t have to compromise your work staying at home all the time.

  • Baby carrier

Baby carrier for newborn

You should wait at least 4 months before using a baby carrier because babies have fragile necks. After that period it is very safe and suitable for babies. The baby carrier can make your life easier and you can move around and support your baby at the same time! It can be helpful when your baby is being stubborn and won’t let go of your hold!

  • Baby swing

Baby swing for newborn baby

Baby swings will be useful to keep your baby in a playful and jolly mood. Newborns can use baby swings but just make sure they don’t fall asleep in the swing because they might have breathing troubles. Using a swing also ensures that you get more free time to look after yourself!

  • Baby Walker

Baby Walker for newborn

A baby walker is used for aiding in the baby’s learning process on how to walk. When babies are too curious that they roam around the house, a walker can help them push through and prevent them from falling down. A walker can help them to learn how to walk as well as can support their motor function and locomotion.

  • Baby Bouncer

Baby Bouncer for newborn

Bouncers are suitable for both newborns and toddlers. But newborns shouldn’t sleep in their bouncers and shouldn’t be let on bouncers without monitoring. A baby bouncer can be really helpful when both of your hands are occupied so you place your baby in a comfy, bouncy seat and it’s supposed to calm the baby.

Health shopping list for newborn

  • Hand sanitizers

Hand sanitizers for newborn

Your baby is delicate and can’t survive if exposed to germs as its immune system is not fully developed. Newborns are at high risk of getting infected by germs, and in this pandemic season, using a hand sanitizer before touching the baby is a must.

  • Baby nail clippers

Baby nail clippers for newborn

Baby nails are softer than adult nails so baby nail clippers are made especially considering the fact that baby nail clippers need to be more gentle as they have delicate fingers. To clip your baby’s nails nail clippers made for babies with rounded edges will be necessary. Baby nail clippers are made with round points for the safety of the baby.

Hygiene and bathing items for a newborn

  • Baby bathtub

Baby bathtub

There are a few sorts of infant tubs on the market, such as – plastic tubs, inflatable tubs, convertibles, foldable tubs, etc. inflatable and foldable ones are great for traveling, but plastic ones are easiest to maintain at home. At the end of the day, it’s up to you to see which kind of infant tub suits your needs best. Buy a tub with a thermometer so that it can detect the perfect temperature for your baby bath!

  • Baby towels

Baby towels for newborn

Buy a couple of soft and comfortable towels made from an absorbent fabric like cotton, preferably. Towels made especially for babies are comfier, softer which is suitable for babies. Good quality baby towels can protect your baby from a cold. Also, a clean baby is a healthy baby!

  • Baby shampoo and body wash

Baby shampoo and body wash

Use a mild shampoo and body wash for your baby with low sulfate content. Avoid shampoos, and liquid soaps and body wash with harsh chemicals or detergents. Your baby’s skin is not ready for these harsh ingredients. Instead, try to pick one which is fragrance-free and paraben-free.

  • Baby moisturizer

Baby moisturizer

Use moisturizers as the baby’s skin tend to be very thin and can get dehydrated and damaged easily. You can use natural moisturizers like oils. Also, consider over-the-counter products formulated for babies. You can use lotions for summer days but switch to a thicker cream instead if it’s the winter or if your baby has eczema. Always choose the fragrance-free options!

Diapering item list for newborn baby shopping 

  • Diapers and nappies

Diapers and nappies

Diapers and nappies do the same job, but diapers happen to be thicker than nappies. As they’re too thick, they may not be as comfortable for babies as reusable cotton nappies. If you are buying diapers, as you don’t know which diaper will suit your baby’s skin best, you can buy a few brands for trial and then choose which one works for you best. Reusable cotton nappy pads can be a good choice if the baby has sensitive skin. You should try out a bunch of options before buying to figure out what works best for your baby.

  • Baby wipes

The main job of baby wipes is to clean your baby’s bottom hygienically. Some people might use wet wipes for that purpose, but the chemicals in wet wipes can be too harsh for a newborn, so we recommend baby wipes instead.

  • Nappy rash cream

Nappy rash cream for newborn

Babies can sometimes develop diaper rashes or nappy rashes from germs or allergic reactions. Rashes can be painful and even pose a greater risk for infection in babies. So you are going to need a nappy rash cream handy.

  • Diaper bag

Diaper bag for newborn baby

Always keep a garbage bag or diaper bag nearby so that you don’t have to litter, and you can keep your environment hygienic and clean. Good branded diaper bags come with changing stations and many other features that will be helpful to you.

Nursery and bedding shopping list for newborn baby

  • Crib

Crib for newborn baby sleeping

The baby will need a crib or a bassinet to sleep in. Cribs can be too spacey for newborns, and a bassinet is smaller and more suitable. Some people like to build the crib themselves, but we have a recommendation if you want a store-bought one.

  • Mattress

Mattress for newborn

You will need a mattress that is soft and comfortable enough for the baby but not too soft that it damages the fragile spine of your newborn. It has to be adequately firm so that the baby’s back remains straight. We have mentioned our recommendation below!

  • Blanket and sheets

Blanket and sheets for newborn baby

Buy a warm and soft blanket for your little one but make sure it’s not too heavy or suffocating. Cotton and cashmere are good choices for blanket fabric. Also, get comfortable sheets for the crib. Parroting what we previously mentioned, whatever apparel or bedding you get for your baby, cotton is the safest option.

  • Baby monitor

Baby monitor for newborn baby shopping

Use a baby monitor in case your baby faces any disturbances at night so you can watch over it and be there when your baby needs you. Without a baby monitor, your baby could be crying at night and you’d have no clue! So get one to be there for your baby even when you are not in the same room!


There are tons of other stuff that you’ll probably need for your baby, but you can get these basics as a preparation to welcome your newborn to play it safe! This article about a newborn baby shopping list with pictures will help you to take one step at a time and prepare for your motherhood slowly but gracefully. Having a baby can be stressful but if you plan everything every step of the way and proceed according to your plans you can do it gracefully and perfectly. Happy motherhood!






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