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Best Baby Monitor for Two Rooms Buying Guide

Baby video display units are your window to relaxation and rest on the stop of a protracted day looking after younger kids. Without them, you could experience the urge to continuously test on them and be in a perpetual kingdom of anxiety. But that is your time, and also you want to relax. The drawback is that (quality) child video display units can get expensive. If you’re making plans to have any other child then that doubles the cost Or does it? We have reviewed the excellent twin digital digicam video child video display units for more than one room. Some include cameras (and may take care of as much as 4), and others encompass simply the only with the ability to increase while you want more cameras.

Do you need a baby monitor?

If you sleep with your baby in the same room or live in a confined space where you can always hear or see what your baby is doing, you probably don’t need a monitor. Otherwise, most parents enjoy the convenience of a baby monitor. Instead of hanging out in the nursery or constantly checking on your little one, you can rest, watch Netflix, or do things around the house when your baby gets nervous. The monitors can also act as a nanny cam to keep an eye on your child and their caregiver when you are not at home.

Why Do You Need Multiple Cameras?

For Twins or multiple babies:

A monitor with more than one camera is useful when there is more than one baby in the room, with twins, so you can point a camera at each child. It is also useful when there are children of different ages. share the same room.

Different rooms:

A baby monitor for 2 rooms can monitor several children in the rooms.Some monitors have split screens so you can see multiple images on screen at once or cycle through each camera individually.


With a 2-room baby monitor, you can monitor not only babies but also the elderly. Pets and even entrances and exits of your home.

10 best baby monitor for two rooms:

1. GoodBaby SM35PTZ Video Baby Monitors:

This product has everything you would expect from a baby monitor: a large 3.5 inch color screen, 2.4 GHz digital wireless transmission, security, interference-free transmission, up to 2x magnification, crystal clear digital audio and video , uninterrupted streaming and high definition . It has a transmission range of 960 feet and 4 built-in infrared LED lights for night vision. The advanced speaker and microphone allow you to have a 2-way conversation with your baby or play a relaxing game.lullabies to calm her down. It also displays the temperature in your baby’s room, so your baby is always comfortable. The panoramic mode of this monitor swivels 355° and can also be tilted 90° from ceiling to floor. Feed your baby at 2, 4, and 6 hour intervals. If you want to gift someone it can be the best item for gifting.

Product specification:

  • Brand: GoodBaby
  • Connectivity technology: wireless
  • Recommended uses: baby monitor
  • Room type: kitchen, bedroom, nursery
  • Special feature: motion sensor, night vision
  • Product dimension: 4.21 x 5.51 x 7.32 inches
  • Product weight: 1.37 pounds

Audio and video monitoring system
Long transmission range
Compact design
Difficult to hack

Night vision may not show clearly

2. LBtech Video Baby Monitor with Two Cameras:

With a four three inches display screen and virtual technology, this child screen lets you hold a watch for your child always with whole safety and privacy. With a transmission variety of one thousand feet, it simply desires to be plugged in and may be connected to four cameras at a time. It lets you zoom in on your child so you can have a look at them extra cautiously without converting the lens. It capabilities a strength saving mode that enables store strength through as much as 50% and switches on handiest if it detects any sound or movement. The cameras may be set up at the wall and feature a 2-manner audio function so you can soothe and speak to your child from anyplace you are. The camera has impressive multifunctional features.

Product specification:

  • Brand: JLB7tech
  • Best used: Monitor
  • Screen size: 4.3 inches
  • Screen surface description: matte
  • Special feature: Night vision, Room temperature sensor, Talk-back function
  • Item dimension: 9.8 x 7.5 x 4.8 inches
  • Item weight: 1.79 pounds

Expandable camera option
Multifunctional features
Temperature monitoring system
Automattic night vision mood
Durable and long lasting battery

Cord of the camera is a bit short

3. Axvue Video Baby Monitor With 2 Cameras:

The 2.4 GHz digital technology of this product ensures fast and clear transmission from your baby’s room to the 2.8 inch color TFT LCD portrait display. You can see and hear your baby, and you can also speak or sing to soothe your baby with two-way communication mode. It also features a night light, which is very soothing and comforting for your baby.This product is equipped with 2 cameras but can work with up to 4 cameras. This baby monitor is very convenient as it has multiple shortcuts with 1 button operation so you don’t have to mess around. The easy-to-hold monitor has sound-activated light bars that alert you when you’re vacuuming or watching TV. The Axvue video baby monitor is easy to set up for running. It has a wide monitoring range that you can monitor up to 1000ft. Also it has a long life battery that consistently monitors up to 12 hours in power service mood.

Product specification:

  • Brand: Axvue
  • Usable location: Indoor
  • Connectivity technologies: wireless
  • Recommended uses: to monitor the newborn
  • Room type: Bedroom
  • Item dimension: 6.4 x 3.6 x 4 inches
  • Item weight: 1.45 pounds

Automatic day night mood
Easy to control
Long lasting battery health
Digital privacy and security
Wide range controlling advantage

Little bit difficult to switch cameras

4. Moonybaby Non-WiFi Baby Monitor – Burly Wood:

This infant display offers you time to loosen up because it helps 2 cameras which may be regarded concurrently via means of the use of the break up display screen mode. It lets you listen to the audio of 1 digital digicam at a time. With its wide-attitude lens, five inches display screen, and excessive decision images, you could display your infant carefully in any respect.

You can zoom in as near your infant as you need and feature the introduced characteristic of night time vision. It additionally maintains music of the temperature to your infant’s room and might play five special lullabies to assuage and lull them to sleep. What’s more, you could even speak to your infant and calm them from the comfort of your very own room. It also has a great feature that is powered by baby’s sound. The main feature of this baby monitor is the split display option that allows you to monitor two different rooms continuously. It is also a giftable item. Anyone can be surprised after getting this item.

Product specification:

  • Brand: MoonyBaby
  • Indoor: indoor
  • Connectivity: Wireless
  • Recommended use: baby monitor, monitor
  • Room type: nursery
  • Product dimension: ‎12 x 5 x 3.5 inches
  • Product weight: 2 pounds

Setup is very simple
Power saving mode
1000ft transmission range
Secured wire technologies
Wall mount and ac features

Battery could be better duration

5. Babysense V65 Baby Monitor With Dual Security Cameras:

Invest in hassle-free baby monitoring with this 5-inch color LCD screen that gives you a clear 720 HD picture of your baby at all times. The 2 cameras give you a 350° panoramic view and can be tilted up to 70° so your baby is never left behind. The transmitter has a range of 960 feet and can be brought close to your baby for a magnified view. It has 2-way audio so you can talk to your baby when they’re fussy or play soothing lullabies.

Its infrared night vision ensures 24-hour monitoring of your baby. This versatile monitor monitors the temperature in your baby’s room and is automatically activated by sound to conserve battery power. The most powerful features of this monitor is it completely hack proof and high definition camera. It helps to monitor your baby easily as a busy mother.

The programmed lullaby sounds keep your baby cool while you are busy with another task. It is also a giftable item that you can give anyone on any occasion.

Product specification:

  • Brand: Babysense
  • Usage: Indoor
  • Connectivity technology: wireless
  • Recommended use: baby monitor, surveillance
  • Room type: nursery
  • Product dimension: ‎9.69 x 7.17 x 4.29 inches
  • Item weight: 1.43 pounds

Converted up to 4 cameras
Hack free monitor
Wide angle camera
Long lasting battery
Comfortable lullaby sound

Sound quality issue

6. VTech VM350-2 Video Monitor:

On a single charge, this baby monitor provides continuous video streaming of your kid for up to 12 hours and audio monitoring for up to 21 hours. You can go on with your work because the transmitter has a 1000-foot range and infrared night vision, ensuring that your infant is never left alone. It has two cameras and a 5-inch high-resolution color monitor screen that allows you to see your baby at all times of the day. To keep an eye on your infant, you may zoom in for a closer look and choose between single, split screen, or patrol mode. This monitor allows two-way communication and includes four ambient sounds and five calming lullabies to help you relax for your baby. If you are a twin’s mother it could be perfect for your baby. Also it is a giftable item that you can gift any newborn baby’s parents.

Product specification:

  • Brand: VTech
  • Connectivity technology: wireless
  • Recommended uses for product: Surveillance, Monitor Babies
  • Room type: Nursery
  • Form factor: box
  • Item dimension: ‎6.54 x 3.84 x 1.06 inches
  • Item weight: 1.96 pounds

Easy to use
Durable and long lasting
Built in temperature sensor
Automatic on off system
No need app piring

No automatic rotate system

7. Summer Infant LookOut Duo 5” LCD Video Baby Monitor:

This 5 inch LCD color screen gives you a crystal clear picture of your kid at all times of the day and night, giving you peace of mind. When your baby sleeps well all of your family members sleep well. PrestoMount is a handy mounting option that eliminates the need to drill holes in your walls. The no hole mounting option helps you to keep your wall fresh and non damaged.
The two video cameras monitor two rooms and can be adjusted in order to get the finest view of your infant. It also comes with automatic night vision, a two-way speak mode, a room temperature monitor, digital zoom, and a 1000-foot range. At any given moment, the extendable baby monitor system can be connected to up to four cameras. With this monitor, auto-scanning of video and audio between rooms is a breeze. This versatile baby monitor is perfect for your twine to keep them cool.

Product specification:

  • Brand: Summer Infant
  • Connectivity technology: Wireless
  • Recommended uses for product: baby monitor
  • Room type: nursery
  • Form factor: bullet
  • Product dimension: 13 x 8 x 4.5 inches
  • Product weight: 0.088 ounces

Small and portable camera
Durable and long lasting
Digital privacy system
Includes camera stand
Can buy extra look out camera

It randomly beep you

8. Motorola Peekaboo Twin Cameras Baby Monitor:

Say goodbye to grainy or blurry images with these high-resolution cameras, as you have clear images of your baby day and night. The video monitor is also compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa, and you only need to use your voice to access camera functions. You can also monitor the room temperature of the baby room or monitor the elderly or pets. Two-way communication mode allows you to talk to your baby without leaving your bed. This monitor syncs with the Hubble for Baby app so you can track your baby’s feeding times, growth and development, and view or share parenting videos – all for free. Use your tablet or smartphone for a live video feed of your munchkin with these wireless cameras. With this wireless video camera you can monitor your baby all time, that is he/she feeds or sleep 24 hours. It is completely perfect for twin mothers.

Product specification:

  • Brand: Motorola
  • Connectivity technology: wired, wireless
  • Recommended use for product: Surveillance, Monitor Babies
  • Room type: nursery
  • Connectivity protocol: Wi-Fi
  • Product specification: ‎2.92 x 2.69 x 4.06 inches
  • Product weight: 1.37 pounds

Versatile item
Multi color night mood
Zoom, pan and tilt feature
Wide angle view
Secure and private transmission

Nightlight can be better

9. Infant optics DXR-8 pro video baby monitor:

Need a deep look? Known for its interchangeable lenses, this monitor includes a zoom lens in the box that allows you to see your baby up close, even if you have to position the camera far from the crib. There’s also a wide-angle lens, sold separately. The other notable feature here is what’s called active noise cancellation. It’s designed to filter out background noise, so you only hear your baby’s sounds, not the air conditioner, humidifier, etc.There’s also a 5-inch LCD pan/tilt/zoom display and an LED sound indicator that lights up when sounds are detected. It can also be expanded with up to four cameras if you want to expand your family. The ultra clear video quality and 1000 mw speaker helps to monitor your baby all time long. It is perfect for twin baby mothers.

Product specification:

  • Brand: Infant optics
  • Connectivity technology: wireless
  • Recommended uses for product: baby monitor, Infant
  • Special feature: Noise cancellation
  • Model name: DXR-8 PRO
  • Product dimension: ‎11.65 x 5.04 x 4.41 inches
  • Product weight: 1.96 pounds

Excellent picture quality
Durable and long lasting
Great night vision than others
Noise filtering technology
Expandable to 4 cameras

Noise cancellation features may error in scan mode

10. Anmeate Digital 2.4Ghz Wireless Video Monitor:

Affordable and functional, the Anmeate infant reveal may be improved with a maximum of 4 cameras. It presents excellent insurance in large areas as it may transmit audio and video with a variety of 960 feet. Better yet, it permits you to play a soothing tune to assist your infant waft off to sleep. Unfortunately, the display is at the smaller aspect and measures most effectively 2.4 inches. The upside is this makes the reveal clean to hold on your pocket, and the photo great continues to be excellent, that is the maximum critical aspect whilst seeking out the first-rate infant reveal for 2 rooms. It has a long lasting battery so that you can monitor your baby up to 8 hours consistently. The unique baby monitor is a high definition camera which covers a wide area and keeps monitoring your baby.

Product specification:

  • Brand: ANMEATE
  • Indoor/outdoor usage: indoor
  • Connectivity technology: wireless
  • Recommended uses for product: Surveillance, Monitor Babies
  • Room type: Nursery
  • Product dimension: 3.03 x 6.22 x 8.62 inches
  • Item weight: 14.9 ounces

Durable and long lasting
Long lasting battery
Easy to set up
High definition camera
Clear night vision

Audio noise issue is bit annoying

Before buying a baby monitor you need to consider these things:

After it has run through our evaluation of the 10 best monitors for babies for 2 rooms, you will find some tips that you should take into account if you choose one for your home to get the maximum, and your baby is always safe. What to look for before buying a baby monitor?

Power supply:

Some monitors, particularly video monitors need to be plugged in at all times, so make sure you can mount the baby unit securely and with all cables out of the reach of small hands. Audio or “wireless” monitors may take batteries or come with a mains charger. For those that need to be charged, check the battery life: most last 812 hours, so you’ll need to charge every day.


Many baby monitors have their own analogue or digital signal built into the units – digital is now the norm but check before you buy. cot or crib. However, the specified range does not take into account walls, floors, furniture or other things that could interfere with the signal. If you have a big house, you might not be able to go too far. of the children’s room.

WiFi Connection:

While most monitors have their own built-in signal, some also connect to your home WiFi and have an app you can add to your phone. This opens up many new options, including greater range, the ability to record and store video, and potentially the ability to view the live feed from multiple devices e.g. a parent unit and a smartphone. It can also mean you can watch the stream using your phone’s data when you’re not at home although don’t condone nannies snooping around! When adding your baby monitor to your home Wi-Fi, it’s important to ensure your home WiFi is secure and your devices are password protected.

Camera and video quality:

Most decent video monitors now have HD video, and you’ll want something with good night vision since you’re likely to see a dark room. Also consider the camera lens: More expensive models may have a wide-angle lens to see the entire table, zoom capability, or be able to track movement and automatically pan and tilt. Others may need to be mounted higher to get the same visibility.

Crying and Motion Alerts:

Motion monitors and wearables offer the most motion and tracking alerts that monitor your child’s breathing throughout the night. But many of the more advanced video monitors can also be set to wake up and even record video when your baby moves or makes a noise.This feature is especially useful as your child gets older and can climb out of the cradle – at least you can look back and see how you did it.

Baby Soothing Features:

Many monitors have 2-way audio so you can talk to your baby through the audio unit or camera. Some even play light shows, lullabies, soothing sounds, or white noise. Check out these options as they’re often overlooked but potentially mean you don’t need to purchase a separate sleep aid. On the downside, they can add significantly to the overall price of the unit, and some families end up not using them.

Easy Expansion:

Do you have more than one child or are you thinking about expanding your family in the future? Then you can look for a unit that you can expand with additional cameras. Some people use monitors until their kids are preschool, and it’s a lot easier to see all your kids on one screen than connecting, charging, and monitoring two or more separate systems.

Mount or stand:

Video monitors need to be placed on a shelf, mounted on a wall, or placed on a stand so you can see your baby clearly. Some come with brackets, others have brackets that need to be screwed to the wall. This when buying, especially if you live in a rented apartment and cannot drill holes in the walls. You can buy universal mounts or flexible camera mounts that attach to the mount, like the FlexxiCam, £16.85 or you could consider non-corruptive options like command hooks or strips.

Frequently asked question(FAQ):

Why do you need multiple cameras?

A video baby monitor is a significant investment. It’s a learning curve to set it up, connect it, and then build trust. This is a big deal, it takes time for a parent to build confidence in this camera system. Hopefully it’s something you buy once and are done with! Unfortunately, there are several models on the market that only have 1 camera.If you have a second child in the end, it is your opportunity to buy two of the same system types and.

Do I need an audio baby monitor or video baby monitor?

Audio baby monitors were some of the first types of baby monitors to hit the market. They’re cheap, have a pretty good range, and give you a degree of convenience in monitoring your baby. The problem with them is that you only hear the audio. If your baby is like most babies who sleep soundly, you don’t know if your baby is fine or not. We went cheap and bought an audio baby monitor for our first child.We kept going to their room to check on them as we didn’t trust that baby monitor!

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To be fair, there weren’t many video baby monitors on the market back then and the ones available had terrible reviews. and they were very expensive. Luckily, in 2021, you can now get premium video baby monitors for $75-$200! In our opinion, only video baby monitors come into consideration. Audio baby monitors are just old technology.

Where should I place my baby monitor?

The display needs to be positioned such that you get an unobstructed view of your child, and the microphone needs to be capable of selecting all sounds out of your child’s rooms very clearly. However, it shouldn’t be nearer than 6 ft for your child due to radiation emission. It’s first-rate to mount it on a wall or locate it on an excessive shelf, and make sure that the strength cable isn’t inside your child’s reach.

Final Words:

This baby monitor/home security camera offers the best of the world of digital and Wi-Fi connectivity. You get the handheld monitor for the home, but you can use the Hubble app to check everything remotely. This might be Motorola’s best multi-camera baby monitor system when it comes to actual quality. It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles, but it has the basics and it really works. This product is great value and has great features.It’s easy to set up and easy to use. The video and audio quality is excellent and you can use up to 4 cameras, which is enough to meet most users’ needs. I really like this video monitor. I think, after reading this article you can take proper decision to buy a baby monitor for your twin.

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